Language Tuition Testimonials

I can highly recommend Elizabeth’s tutoring service. I am a 33 year old engineer working for a multinational oil and gas company and I needed to learn as much French as I possibly could in 2 months before deploying to the mostly Francophone Cameroon for a 2 year assignment. I met with Liz 3 times per week for 2 hour tutoring sessions. I have always considered myself to be poor at foreign languages so I entered into my studies with some concern! I needn’t have worried though as Liz is a very friendly, capable and professional tutor and she always had a cup of tea ready for when I was struggling with prepositions! Liz tutors in a comfortable and relaxed environment and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. As a result, my French has improved from disinterested school boy level (I last studied French at school when I was 13) to A-level standard in just a few months. 

Merci beaucoup Liz!

Phil S

Liz from Norwich Tutor has been really helpful in preparing me for my Spanish module as part of my degree. Throughout my time with her, she has been responsive and accomodating to the needs of an adult student and has been excellent at nurturing my progress. She has my full recommendation as a teacher!


Liz , I would not have managed to pass GCSEs and carry on to ‘A’ level without you, you know how to make learning fun! I looked forward to mornings of French with you as I knew I would go home with more knowledge than I entered with. I really liked your way of teaching. You praised my good points & persisted in helping with the bad. When I visit France now, I’m much more confident talking and finding my way around! ‘Merci bien’


I found Liz’s tutouring sessions extremely helpful, and I was much more confident upon entering the exam. She was very patient with me, and helped me to understand the best way to phrase my answers. I enjoyed the sessions, and my French teacher was very impressed!!

Elizabeth’s Italian classes are really enjoyable. She always makes learning a foreign language fun. I take regular evening classes with her as well as private classes, and my grasp of Italian is improving by leaps and bounds. I have just come back from a holiday in Italy where I found myself confidently booking hotels, ordering food, and discussing the current economic situation – all in Italian. Fantastico!
Elizabeth’s style of teaching suits me really well. She motivates you to learn, but is always patient and encouraging. Her classes always feel relaxed.’
I got an A in Italian! 🙂 I actually got 100% in 3 of the sections and then a D in my speaking?! Tad annoying as that then obviously dragged the 100%s down quite a bit.. But ah well! Goodness knows what I did in that speaking exam!!

‘It was simply wonderful to be taught by somebody with such an earnest love of languages; Liz’s classes were always so adaptable to my specific needs and she was so kind and helpful, even when I turned up to a Spanish lesson with my laptop and a frightfully important french assignment! It was refreshing to be able to talk about things I could relate to, that would be useful when abroad, rather than having to always stick to a curriculum. I also loved the way we could speed through the boring stuff that I understood without the hindrance of other pupils, then spend decades on, for example, the technicalities of the subjunctive, as long as I needed to get my head round it.

If I didn’t have to leave to go to Uni, I would be continuing classes with her. She basically taught me my entire Italian gcse (A grade btw) as well as helping with my Spanish grammar at a level, generally building my confidence in speaking in a different language, assisting with University-level French assignments (I’m off to study French law) and pushing me to explore new areas of vocabulary and making it fun along the way!! Thank you Liz!!’


I was in Norwich over the Easter holidays and wanted some help in preparing for my Spanish A Level. Liz was very helpful and I feel more confident now to face my exam, especially the oral! If I lived nearer, I would definitely come for some more lessons!

Beth H