Translation Services

Based in Norwich, Norfolk, I offer translation, interpreting and language consultation in Western European languages. As a passionate language specialist I am a French to English translator, Spanish to English translator, German to English translator and Italian to English translator. However, having many years experience working with languages, I have also built up a network of colleagues and therefore can also offer other language combinations. I use real translators and interpreters to provide an accurate translation or interpretation, as context will be understood and clarification can be sought if required. Have you ever used the internet or software to translate documents and been left with statements that don’t make sense? If you have, I can help you solve your language problems and make sense of what you are looking at or listening to.  Are you unsure about paying for a long translation when it could be that you just need to know some key points in a text or have specific questions you want answered? My aim is to offer you an honest service, and therefore face-to-face meetings to be able to discuss your requirements are an option, thus providing a sight translation of the relevant sections, which you can then have in writing if required. This saves time and effort and is very cost-effective.

Certified or Affidavit?

You may well have been asked to provide additional documentation as proof of the translation. The most common ones are listed below with what the terms mean. I can provide these as an additional service.

Certified Translation?
This is often required by some organisations to show that the translation has been done by a translator, and is therefore accurate, rather than by the interested party. Examples of documents that need to be certified translations are: birth certificates, insurance translations, degrees and patents. Certified translations are signed and dated to authenticate the documentation and attest to the translator’s accuracy. Your translation is presented to you, signed, along with a letter to certify it, at no extra cost.
Sometimes a more official verification than a certified translation is needed. If your documents require this, I can swear an affidavit before a solicitor, to say that the document has been accurately translated from the original language. The solicitor will then stamp each authorised page. This service is offered for the same type of documents as certified translations, but it is usually needed for legal purposes and certain official purposes. Examples include: adoption papers, judgments and immigration papers. There is an additional charge for this, depending upon the number of pages translated.

So, if you are struggling with language barriers and need either a personal or business translation get in touch with me Elizabeth Lake for an honest assessment of your requirements on 01603 260869.