Advanced Language Lessons, Norwich, Norfolk

You might already have a good knowledge of German, French, Italian or Spanish, but feel a little rusty and would like to brush up on your skills and become more fluent – Advanced language lessons with me will help you achieve that and more. So whether you need to revise some aspect of grammar, or want to go deeper into a theme, I can provide the expertise and the resources to equip you.  There is always new vocabulary to learn and more of the culture of the country/countries to appreciate, so don’t let your previous knowledge go to waste.  Whether you wish to keep up your language skills with a weekly lesson, or whether you just want to keep your hand in now and then, contact me to discuss your requirements.  I look forward to hearing from you!

So, to improve your language skills in whatever area, do get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you, Elizabeth Lake on 01603 260869!