French Lessons Norwich, Norfolk

Learn to speak French

Do you need help with your homework or exam preparation? Do you have a home in France or do you need French for your business? If the answer is yes, I can help with French Lessons. Wouldn’t you feel more confident and comfortable enjoying your holiday?  Wouldn’t your teacher be more impressed with the quality of work you produce? Wouldn’t your business partner be encouraged about your willingness to strengthen the work relationship? I offer French lessons individually tailored to your requirements and have taught in both classroom, business premises and homes in both large, one to one and small group settings. I will work with you to understand your requirements and together we can identify a plan to follow. We are free to use whatever materials we decide together as this whole process is a partnership. The lessons will be taught at an appropriate pace and level of understanding as you gain more confidence in your new skills.

So for French lessons contact Elizabeth Lake today on 01603 260869